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Tales of X'ia

January 2022

The harsh world of X'ia consists of a faraway planet that rotates around two Suns daily, making the days long and treacherous, and the nights ever so uncommon. The surface is the only thing dividing two vastly different cultures: beastly beings who are used to living in their dark caves forever, in stark contrast to the highly-civilized Sun People.

"Tales of X'ia" is a personal sci-fi themed project inspired by my love for worldbuilding. Combining political structure with creature-, flora- and character design, all done in a semi-realistic & rendered artstyle.

See                                                   for more in-dept designs for both characters. 

Flora (dag)_exploratie final artwork_03.png
Flora (nacht)_exploratie final artwork_01.png
Flora (dag)_exploratie, silhouettes_01.png
Flora (nacht)_exploratie, silhouettes_01.png
Creature (dag)_saddle varianten_01.png
Creature (dag)_saddle varianten_02.png
Creature (dag)_exploratie, silhouettes_05.png
Creature (dag)_exploratie, silhouettes_04.png
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