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About me

Claudia van Bakel (she/they) is a mixed media artist from the Netherlands, who has been drawing, creating and telling stories her whole life.

Her work has a mystical, fairytale-like vibe to it in which they strive to make people feel nostalgic. Inspiration for her comes from many different things like nature, paleoart, mythical stories, fairytales and folklore. 

Their current main interests lay in creating visual development work and character design, although she is open to many other art departments! From concept art to storyboarding, animating and compositing, Claudia loves to work within a diverse set-up & team that offers variation (and a little bit of a challenge).

Besides her illustrational work they also run an (online) shop and visit conventions with their work, selling merchandise, apparel & art prints at artist alleys since 2022 under the name of artisticfaun.

Claudia rounded off her Master in Visual Development (IDEA Academy, june 2023), has previously received a Bachelor in Illustrated & Animated Storytelling (St. Joost School of Art & Design, 2022) and minored in Game Design & Game Art (HAN, 2020).


Artist portrait (june 2022), Claudia van Bakel_edited.jpg




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