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Terms & Conditions

Sketching phase & deadlines

    a) When the commission has been accepted by the artist, it will be clearly communicated between the two parties how many iterations/ changes are included in the final price.

    b) Agreements about (interim) deadlines should be agreed on by both parties before the artist starts working on the commission.

Delays can be prevented by giving timely feedback on interim delivered work. The responsibility for delays caused by late replies of the client lays with the client themselves, and can cause a shift in the final delivery date.

Alteration & cancellation of the commission

    a) When more work needs to be done or there is a case of exit time after alteration requests have been made by the client, there will be mutual consultation about extra costs based on the extra hours the artist spent on the project.

     b) When the commission is cancelled for whatever reason, the client is indebted for all the hours the artist spent on the project thus far. Unless there is demonstrable proof of default on the artists' side.

Modification of the illustrations

It is not allowed for the client to modify and/or let illustration(s) of the artist be modified without clear approval of the artist.

Attribution/ credit

The illustrator's name should be appropriately mentioned in the publication.


     a) Providing that there were other arrangements made, the copyrights belong to the original artist at all times.

     b) The client aquires, unless arranged otherwise, by payment the exclusive rights to publish the artwork within the agreed on publication. This includes books, promotional material, corresponding CDs & DVDs, digital publications, etc.

     c) If the client wants to use the artwork in other, non-arranged publications (for example in a reprint and/ or extra material), or wants to sell it to foreign countries (outside of their origin country - the Netherlands), the original artist will be contacted beforehand, after which an appropriate new licensing fee & invoice will be arranged.

Property rights

If not expressively agreed otherwise in writing, the original (physical) artwork remains the property of the artist.


The artist guarantees that the delivered artwork is original. The artist shall not sell the custom illustrations to third parties, for at least 3 years after production, unless agreed otherwise.


Payments should be done within 30 days after the invoice date. In case of a celerity commission (when the final artwork has to be delivered within the standard term of 2-3 weeks), the payment needs to be paid within 10 working days after the invoice date. In the event that the client does not fulfill their payment obligations, it is not allowed for them to use, publish nor multiply the artwork.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail! :)

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