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Commission examples

How does it work?

So you would like a custom commission? That's great, thank you so much for your interest in my work! Let's go over the standard way of things to catch you up on the progress so you know what to expect:

1.   Please read my Terms & Conditions thoughly.

2.   Send your application through this Google form. With this I can gather all the information I need to get started.

3.   I will contact you through your preferred method (this can either be e-mail or social media) to confirm I received your application. We will talk about the quoted price of your custom artpiece and discuss your budget if applicable. Then I will ask you about method of payment and send you a payment request for the 75% or 100% upfront.

4.   After the first payment has gone through I will start working on your artwork as soon as possible! This will approximately take 2-3 weeks in total, but if there's any deadline you'd like me to consider please mention it beforehand to see if it's possible.

5.   During this time, you'll receive an update of the piece after I'm finished with the initial sketch. This is the point where you can still change things up a bit. Keep in mind that during the second feedback round there will only be small adjustments available.

6.   The suggested changes will be applied to your piece as I keep them in mind when working on the final product. Then I'll send you a low resolution file for approval & adjust the piece if needed.

7.   After final approval I will ask about the remaining 25% of the payment (if applicable). When I received the final payment I will send you the high resolution file. If you requested a physical art print I will also request the adress I'll

have to send it to. 

8.   Cherish your new artwork or give it to a friend! Thank you so much for your support and helping me in realising my dream as a fulltime artist. 

For specifics, questions or inquiries outside of what's listed above, please send me an

e-mail to

Commercial artwork inquiries

Character Design

Prop Design

Children's Book Illustrations

Tattoo Design

Book Covers

Paleoart/ Fossil Reconstructions

Botanical Illustration

Art Direction


3D Asset Modelling & Texturing

2D Frame-by-frame Animation

Visual Storytelling


Costume Design

The kind of commission mentioned above is one for personal use only. If you're interested in any kind of commercial freelance project, please contact me directly so we can discuss what you had in mind.

These are some of the kind of jobs I can do:

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