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The Sun Priestess


This character is part of a world where the days seem neverending and the night almost never falls. Having lived her hole life on the desert dunes of X'ia, the Sun Priestess is an important religious figure. She once got promoted from altar girl to sudden High Priestess of the Suns, now casually having to rule over a cult that keeps the surface population in its grasp. Never wanting to land such an influencial role, she silently protests the Sun People as she forges a bond with one of the runaway Cave Critters.

Besides overthrowing the current diplomatic hierarchy, her other past times consist of riding her Fire Lizard: one of the very few surface creatures that is able to handle the hot temperature of the sand.

The Sun Priestess belongs to the same fictional universe as

the Hermit Alien. The main difference being that she belongs

to the human-like creatures that roam the planet's surface

instead of the underground caves. 

Sun Priestess - Final render
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